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Let Your Data Talk!

From 5% to 100%

You get 10 bookings for a given day, with a conversion rate of 5%.

So… what happened to the remaining 95%? Which dates did they search for? For how many nights? Were your rates competitive?

With RevANALYTICS, you can now uncover all the details about what your website visitors searched for, so that you can monitor, analyze and decide based on concrete data, not assumptions.


Where Marketing & Revenue Data Meet.

Discover your guests’ search behaviors, find out how far in advance they search and book, understand how long they intend to stay, see which dates they’re most interested in, and so much more.

Don't leave your hotel's success to chance. Unlock the power of data with RevANALYTICS today!

Learn how RevANALYTICS helps you to drive more Bookings.

Do you know how to answer these questions?

Longer stays are more appealing to you, however you might be converting less for searches for 3 nights as opposed to searches for 1 night only.

Are early (potential) bookings converting more or less than last-minute searches?​

  • Day #1: 10 reservations out of 100 requests
  • Day #2: 10 reservations out of 1000 requests.
  • Don’t settle for the number of bookings only; Track the exact number of searches for each and every day to make the most of your revenue opportunities.

Some of the KPIs that You’ll be tracking:

Searches and Reservations by:

✔ Length of Stay
How many nights are prospects searching for?

✔ Booking Window
How much in advance do customers book?

✔ Search Window
How much in advance prospects start searching your hotel?

✔ Shopped dates
For which dates are prospect searching the most?

✔ Adults + Children
Are you getting more requests from couples, solo travellers or families?

✔ Number of searches with no available rooms
Is your hotel really sold-out? Or are your restrictions too… restrictive?

✔ Number of searches with no available rooms
Is your hotel really sold-out? Or are your restrictions too… restrictive?

✔ And much, much, much… much more.

If you torture the data long enough,
it will confess to anything.

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